Whenever someone asks me why I’ve become an environmental activist, I answer: because I choose awareness and hope. Even though facing the issues we’re coping with on a global scale is scary, ignoring their severity is much more drastic. Proactive action is the only thing that can fight fear. Working in order to protect the climate, and the world in which we live is a moral imperative.

I started this blog due to my undying love for animals and the magnificent nature surrounding us, as well as the countless wonders it offers to us. Still, many people take nature for granted, but they miss one thing – the world doesn’t belong to us, we are a part of it, and we should be grateful for that. Somehow, though, we have forgotten to appreciate the wonder of the living things and the way in which even the smallest, insignificant creature has a part to play in the biodiversity.

This love and passion I have for protecting our environment has challenged me to speak my mind through this blog. Being a freelance writer, writing is one of the ways in which I can connect with people. And I use this skill to speak to people while I write my paper, offering valuable information on crucial topics. One of my purposes is to discuss openly the political and social issues that are connected with ecology, and the way in which we – humans, harm Mother Nature on a daily basis. Each and one of us should be aware of the immensity of the problems we are facing.

Also, being an environmental activist doesn’t mean that you’re attempting to do everything by yourself. In fact, it’s easy to get discouraged and assume that your small contributions to the environment don’t make any difference, in the long run. Still, just as climate change wasn’t caused by a single person, the problem cannot be mended by a single person either. Building a community, and raising awareness regarding the problems our environment is facing are some of the most efficient ways of fighting against the status quo. Collective action is of paramount importance.

We – humans, are an indispensable part of Nature, and the Earth is our home. It is our beautiful home, and I want to do whatever lies in my power to preserve and shelter it from being destroyed. That’s my ultimate goal, the goal that motivates me to keep going against the small chances of success.