Protect the Nature

Originally, I had the intention of starting this blog due to my unceasing interest in preserving this beautiful world we live in. Sadly, though, many people take it for granted, failing to appreciate that the environment with everything in it isn’t ours to take but to preserve, maintain and protect for future generations. Everything has an order in the universe, and we are all part of the ecosystem. Each individual should be wholly aware that one’s actions and decisions, even the ones that don’t seem to matter, impact the ecosystem, in one way or another.

It wouldn’t be wrong to argue that Biodiversity is of crucial importance, for more than the aesthetic reasons that are often mentioned. That’s because each creature and each species of vegetation plays a key role in the circle of life, depending on each other for oxygen, food, and shelter and soil enrichment.

I want to make a difference

This was the main aspect that motivated me to start this blog. I love the ecosystem with every fiber of my being, and I love the Biodiversity of this world. I want to do something in order to save this world, conserve it as it is. And I want to play my part in saving the animals and the nature, the magnificent landscapes many people take for granted. Although many individuals fail to realize that, this world doesn’t belong to us – it is quite the opposite way, we belong to it. And the roots of the problems we are facing are deep, and they are rooted in our society, the way in which people think and perceive the world surrounding them.

That’s what this blog is all about.