jan tschichold and kurt schwitters advance typography with which group?

jan tschichold and kurt schwitters advance typography with which group?

Tschichold became both a spokesman and author for the group. He promulgated their theories in lectures and writing. Somewhat dogmatically, advance notice was posted that no discussion would follow his lectures.
Above is the cover of Typographic Mitteilungen: Elementare Typographie, 1925, a trade magazine in which Tschichold introduced the ideas of the Russian Constructivism and The New Typography to Germany’s printers. The content was met with great controversy but was widely adopted.

The works on loan “complement the works of Bauhaus and other avant-garde artists in this gallery, who were also active in typographic design,” said Wiesenberger. While the installation provides context to and opens up a new dialogue with objects from the museums’ formidable Bauhaus collections (and vice versa), it also performs another vital function: it highlights the origins of graphic design as a discipline and a mass medium. As visitors will quickly realize, today’s visual landscape owes much to this significant movement and group of innovators.
Beyond advancing graphic design, The Ring also built a network in which practitioners exchanged information, cited and appropriated one another’s work, and cycled influences between their own art and design practices. A 1929 advertisement for heavy industry by the constructivist artist Max Burchartz, for instance, clearly borrows elements from his art practice, and vice versa.

Richly illustrated with images from Jan Tschichold’s little-known private collection of design ephemera, this important book explores a legendary figure in the history of modern graphic design through the artists, ideas, and texts from the Bauhaus that most influenced him. Tschichold (1902-1974), a prolific designer, writer, and theorist, stood at the forefront of a revolution in visual culture that made printed material more elemental and dynamic. His designs were applied to everyday graphics, from billboard advertisements and business cards to book jackets and invoices.
An original account of the life and work of legendary designer Jan Tschichold and his role in the movement in Weimar Germany to create modern graphic design

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Jan tschichold and kurt schwitters advance typography with which group?
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