how many artist sign up for the hopper prize per year

how many artist sign up for the hopper prize per year

The deadline to apply for The Hopper Prize Spring 2020 Artist Grant Program is May 19, 2020, 11:59pm PST.
Applications are accepted twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.

How many artist sign up for the hopper prize per year
When you apply, you may select to have your work considered for additional exposure on Instagram @hopperprize
We view the field of visual art in its broadest and most inclusive sense and therefore make our awards available to artists working in any media.

How many artist sign up for the hopper prize per year
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Photographers must be 18 or older to enter. There are no restrictions on nationality or subject matter.

The Hopper Prize was established in order to increase the recognition of the work created by visual artists. We want to advance artists’ careers by providing unrestricted financial support coupled with a platform for increased visibility. Twice a year we accept submissions via an open call.
We are currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2018 grant cycle.

–Fundamentally, I’m against these sort of pay-to-play calls and as an advocate for my fellow artists, I am finding myself speaking out publicly against this practice more and more frequently. I think this model of charging an application fee for such an opportunity is outdated and needs to stop. Your organization has the infrastructure to raise money to offset these fees, versus the individual artist who you are asking to pay fees to apply. Even if there is a small fee charged, there is little transparency on your call as to where this money goes, especially for those artists who are not chosen.
–I realize that you will be highlighting 30 artists on your website who made a short list, but what about the rest of the applicants who do not get into this group or who are not selected for the prize? Are your curators providing any written feedback to these applicants? It clearly appears that they are being paid from these fees whether or not their work is accepted. Please elaborate.


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