how to use artchive of faith in healbot

how to use artchive of faith in healbot

The second macro is a space saver as Leap of Faith is only cast on a party member, so I kept my modifiers for casting on party1 and party2, then used the keybind without a modifier for casting holy fire.
Next to all that i use a macro for power infusion. Most the times it is best to use on yourself but sometimes i use it on my mage if he is getting globald with curse of tongues on him.
Dont got that macro here atm (on forum on mobile phone) but i can post it later if anyone is interested.
It is a mouseover macro that takes mouseover > target > self. It also has a modifier to always cast on myself when i hold down alt.

Faith healing does the same thing, but it’s restricted to followers of your deity.

Though after 6th level spells, what is there that heals, besides heal? Heal’s a set amount too, so doesn’t it become less good at that point. Meanwhile, turn undead just gets better at repelling all those weak zombies your barbarian’s too lazy to Cleave.

As far as letting those die who rush ahead and get the aggro of a mob, I have no choice in that. I just don’t have the HP or the DPS to go in and rescue them. If the rest of the party comes in and engages the mob, I can follow behind and start to heal. But I don’t try to do Mission Impossible for those who can’t wait to get to the end boss. Yes, that is why everybody recommends to not heal them. Because it endangers the cleric and the group and is most of the time not even successfull, if you are not far more powerfull than the quest.
It is tough to learn to do that, because if you are like me you want to be a “good” healer, which is easy to interpret as “a cleric that doesn’t let characters die.”

12. No idea on a “short” name for this, so: Almost everything you interact with within the world requires right-clicking. That’s pretty standard. Except when you go to open your bags. They are a left-click. Right click to loot a mob, left click to open the bag, right click to equip that neat drop you just got. I’m *always* right-clicking on the bags. Just seems like I should be. Having to left click to open them constantly confuses me.

More to come, just [some of] what I have so far .

How to use artchive of faith in healbot

It’s best to keep spells that look alike on the same controls. (I use Vuhdo, but the idea is the same).

No mod –
Left click: Greater Healing Wave
Middle Click – Riptide
Right Click – Healing Rain


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