joan miro fish

joan miro fish

A careful study of the abstract shapes and lines used here by the artist will help you to discover the fish, from the imaginative mind of Miro. The artist concentrates on the eye and scales for detail on the fish, allowing the viewer to recognise what is meant, and then constructing the rest of the image in their own mind. One commonly quoted comment from this Catalan painter, sculptor and draughtsman, which is particularly apt for this particular painting was “. In my opinion, mastering freedom means mastering simplicity. Then, at most, a line, a color, is enough to make the picture. ”
This simplicity of colour and line can be seen through out his career, as well as in the work of other famous modern artists from the 20th century, such as Piet Mondrian, Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rothko, Paul Klee and Jackson Pollock. The Singing Fish, both in it’s simplicity and also the subject matter, has clear influences from prehistoric cave paintings which Miro is known to have studied and sought ideas from early on in his career. The bold colours and child-like capture of objects is typical of abstract art in general and more of these ideals can be found in the work of those artists mentioned here, as well as Pablo Picasso too.

Miró married Pilar Juncosa in Palma (Majorca) on 12 October 1929. Their daughter, María Dolores Miró, was born on 17 July 1930. In 1931, Pierre Matisse opened an art gallery in New York City. The Pierre Matisse Gallery (which existed until Matisse’s death in 1989) became an influential part of the Modern art movement in America. From the outset Matisse represented Joan Miró and introduced his work to the United States market by frequently exhibiting Miró’s work in New York. [27] [28]
In 1981, Miró’s The Sun, the Moon and One Star—later renamed Miró’s Chicago—was unveiled. This large, mixed media sculpture is situated outdoors in the downtown Loop area of Chicago, across the street from another large public sculpture, the Chicago Picasso. Miró had created a bronze model of The Sun, the Moon and One Star in 1967. The maquette now resides in the Milwaukee Art Museum.

Joan miro fish
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Joan miro fish
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Joan miro fish
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