henry moore working model for sundial

henry moore working model for sundial

Henry moore working model for sundial
Between 1997 and 1999, The Adler Planetarium added a sky pavilion to the original 1930 architecture. When it did so, the roads were moved and the sundial was moved to its current location. The move was performed by contractors of the Adler Planetarium in two phases. First, the sculpture was removed and placed in storage to make way for the current roadway. It was later moved to its current position after the new roadway was built and the old roadway was replaced with a walkway. Now, a u-turn in Solidarity Drive runs through the original location of the sundial, and the sundial is located on the walkway that replaced the previous roadway that went around the planetarium. The new location and the u-turn can be seen on a Museum Campus map. [11] This construction was contemporaneous with the $100 million project that reconfigured of traffic around the Museum Campus and caused Lake Shore Drive to be moved during the mid-1990s. [12]
This type of sundial is known as an equatorial sundial because the plane of the dial face is parallel to the Earth’s equatorial plane. Two primary examples of modified equatorial sundials are bowstring equatorial and armillary dials. [8] Both of these modified equatorial sundials can be read year-round on the same surface, regardless of whether the Sun is above or below the equatorial plane whereas a standard equatorial sundial changes sides with each equinox and is virtually unreadable near the equinoxes when the Sun is located on the equatorial plane. [9] [10]

Henry moore working model for sundial
Henry Moore’s working model for ‘Sundial,’ 1965. Photo by Jonty Wilde, courtesy of The Henry Moore Foundation archive.
Detective Inspector Paul Watts, who is leading the investigation said: “This Sundial sculpture is a valuable piece and we are very keen to speak to anyone who may have seen it…If you have any information in relation to this incident, please contact police immediately on 101, or alternatively Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

The work, which was taken from the grounds of the Henry Moore Foundation in Much Hadham, was created by Moore in 1965 as a working model for a larger sculpture.
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Henry moore working model for sundial
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