what does the bible say about self flagellation

what does the bible say about self flagellation

What does the bible say about self flagellation
Hebrews 10:14 — “With ONE sacrifice he PERFECTED FOREVER those who are saved.”
and your spilled blood will never be clean enough to get you in. That’s what Christ’s Blood is for, so get over yourself!

What does the bible say about self flagellation
If you are struggling with self-harm yourself, please find help in a trusted adult right now. Even though these actions may seem like they help, they could eventually develop into even greater struggles like addictions to drugs, alcohol, or even eating disorders. In fact, you may be dealing with some of that right now. But, my friend, you don’t have to suffer alone.
I know school is very stressful. Work can be stressful. Friendships can be stressful. We have a lot going on in life. Sometimes, the emotional pain is unbearable. Relief would be fantastic at some points. But that doesn’t mean every outlet for relief is right or healthy (1 Corinthians 6:12; Romans 8:6). If you cut to relieve depression, you’re opening not only your flesh, but the possibility to be hurt inside even more.

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Should Christians Reenact Jesus’ Suffering?

What does the bible say about self flagellation
(2) Christians who think they can win the lost to Christ by being their friend are following a failed strategy. Where in the Bible are we called to befriend people in order to win them to Christ? I’m not saying that you can’t be friends with the lost but the idea that evangelism incorporates that as a biblical norm is in error. Programs are not needed. The Gospel is needed.
(4) Judgment has come upon America. Let’s face the facts friends. God has allowed this phony of a man to ascend to the highest office in America. It was once the highest office in the world. Thanks to Mr. Obama’s continued ineptitude and resolve not to do the right things on the world stage, the office of President has become irrelevant.

Clearly, there is no biblical basis of this tradition. It is purely tradition made by men with a mixture of animism.
Finally, the Bible say that it is only the blood of Christ that can pay for our sins and not by anyone else.