Studies have proven an increase in sales and repeat visitors.
CHIVE TV is not only distributed on Atmosphere, we have content partnerships with Captivate, Ziosk, Screenvision, Gas Station TV, Royal Carribean, Cedar Fair, and more!
Cilantro Catering was how it all began in 2009 and we still love bringing our brand of fresh, local awesome to your events. Weddings, community functions, dances, pretty much anything you can think of, our team is dedicated to bringing you and your guests a meal that rocks their socks.
It’s just that simple.
Even our name, General Horseplay, was inspired by Bill Murray!
Some of the G.H. crew are heading to Austin this weekend for a BIG Takeover with Treaty Oak Distillery and The Chive.
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See how that goes? That’s your future if you don’t plan carefully. Skip out on spoiling yourself with just one Chive t shirt and you’re doomed to a topless afternoon swapping laundry loads.
Especially that bitch from accounting who keeps trying to get people in trouble for stupid shit. She’ll finally have something to complain about when you show up in one of these Chive tees . Whatcha got to say about Farley now?