Easy Rules for Every Day

As an environmental activist, getting discouraged is easy, because we believe that we have to do everything by ourselves. But this mindset is a trap. You might be doubtful concerning the usefulness and efficiency of your contributions. Still, in the long run, even the smallest things can make the world of a difference. Today, I will introduce you to a few easy rules that can help save the planet.


Recycling is one of those easy things each and one of us can do in order to reduce the amount of waste we generate. There are garbage disposal companies that actually facilitate recycling services. Additionally, you can also use your local recycling facilities for electronics or batteries.

Save water

Water is an exhaustible resource. Unfortunately, it is being depleted at a fast pace, which is worrying on so many levels. There are some practical ways in which you can aim at saving water every day. For starters, you can fix leaky outlets, or adjust the timers on the sprinkles.

Use less gas

We all know that cars are detrimental to the environment. On that note, you should look for alternatives, such as walking more, using the public means of transportation in your city, and biking. If, however, you do need to use a car, you can carpool to work or school – if possible. In this way, you cut down the gas costs and you minimize pollution.

Use less electricity

Instead of using regular bulbs, you should replace them with energy efficient light bulbs. Not only that they last longer, but they will aid you to save some money. Additionally, make a habit out of closing the TV, laptop, or any other appliance whenever you’re not using it.

Use reusable shopping bags

Plastic grocery bags end up being thrown away in the landfill. Eventually, they could end up suffocating animals that might mistake them for food. Plus, it takes years for the bags to decompose. To that end, using reusable bags instead will help you to reduce the amount of plastic you use. It’s easy, practical, and it can make a difference.

Stop smoking

Smoking is utterly harmful to your health, and for the health of the people surrounding you. What is more, the pollution generated by smoking harms the environment, as well. The pollution caused by cigarettes doesn’t stop in the air surrounding you, but it harms the land, air, and water as well, primarily because millions of cigarette butts are thrown daily.

I hope that you’ll implement these rules in your daily life. Even though doing so won’t change the environment overnight, it can make a difference, which matters, a lot.